Meet the players!


Gray Rostron

Your Dungeon Master and abberant something from a far place, Gray lives in hell and likes it there too.  He draws sometimes, but likes doing this more, and that's ok.  Chase your truth, you know?  His son is a little parakeet named Atlas, who lives solely to scream at outside birds and eat egg mess.

Alex Allen

Alex is everyone's favorite Drow Bard, but also an incorporeal entity given a physical form. It's a little disorienting but wine sure helps. When they aren't playing in a ton of dnd campaigns, they write fantasy romance novels and help Gray take care of their screaming bird son, Atlas. Alex would die for that little guy, probably. Let the boxed wine flow. 

Iasmin Omar Ata

Iasmin Omar Ata is a Middle Eastern, Muslim, epileptic comics artist, game designer, and illustrator who creates art about coping with illness, understanding identity, dismantling oppressive structures, and Arab-Islamic futurism. They are very excited to be playing as a literal magic robot. Their true alignment is chaotic stupid.

Jesse Gouldsbury

Jesse plays the ambitious intern, Jenny, and is very cool and has super pretty dice. He makes videos for the internet and you've probably yelled at him in the comments for messing something up.