Special Agents

Iz'zab'el Zau'Shar, Drow Bard

Wielding powers not befitting of your typical Bard, Iz'zab'el (who goes by Bel, thank you) is a new agent and relatively recent refugee from the subterranean Underdark.  He has suspicious history involving the dark and oft-condemned College of Whispers, but I personally think its nice to have such a terrifying set of skills working for the good guys for once.

Hawari, Warforged Warlock

Sometimes referred to by those who lack the ability to treat uncommon folk with decency as the "H-6 Model", Hawari was constructed with the purpose of handling and using an accursed Hexblade that proved too deadly for traditional folk.  At least, that's what we've been able to piece together from what they can remember.  I think it's at least close.

Jenny Jewelshard, Triton Ranger

Daughter of extraplanar sorcerers of some renown, Jenny Jewelshard is the agency's newest recruit and, notably, not a sorcerer.  An amateur researcher of all things monstrous, Jenny's breadth of experience across the inner multiverse lends her the unique planar magic of the Horizon Walker.  I don't know in what plane overeager interns dwell, but she's certainly learned much from such a place.


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