Episode 15 - Skull and Bones

The agents return from their time off to the deadly Thayan art show when their infiltration is interrupted by the sudden appearance of two mysterious agents from a rival organization. What are these two doing here in the same place at the same time? Will our agents have what it takes to outwit these new foes? How many times will our Dungeon Master hit his microphone during this recording???

Episode 14 - Night at the Museum

Our agents Jenny, Bell, and Hawari are hot on the heels of the Ioun Stone being delivered to a Red Wizard of Thay, hiding out in an idyllic museum out on the inland Sea of Fallen Stars. But when the exhibits reveal themselves to be deadly traps, will our heroes be able to skip the line and solve the crisis? Will they divine the cruel intent of these deadly exhibits? And will Bell finally be able to operate with dry clothes???

Episode 13 - The Calm B4 the Storm

With their restaurants opening day looming in the near future, our agents Jenny, Bell, and Hawari put their noses to the grindstone as they scour the city for contacts, ingredients, and staff. Will they be able to hold it together and host a successful opening dinner? Will Yuk-Yuk make it through dinner service without having a panic attack? Will anyone ask them about The Challenge?

Episode 12 - Dungeons, Dragons, and Drive-Thrus

When our agents Jenny, Bell, and Hawari return from their mission expecting some time for R&R, they instead walk into their deadliest and most complex mission yet: opening a restaurant! With an unruly gang of uncooperative helpers, a rapidly approaching deadline, and wildly inexperienced owners, will our agents be able to set up the front for their whole operation? Will the Sewer Gators finally come into their own as helpful rascals? Do they really need all that fabric?!

Episode 10 - The Die who Loved Me

Our agents Jenny, Bell, and Hawari undertake their next mission: a high-stakes infiltration aboard a casino owned by the dastardly Kraken Society. With a copy of the Ioun Stone on its way to the nefarious crime org turned cult, will our agents be able to intercept the stone before the flop? Can they keep their poker face up in the face of danger across the table? Will I be able to keep my own rules on dice-based poker substitutions straight?!